2017 Macon Cherry Blossom Festival Street Party

Cotton Ave & Poplar St., Macon, GA 31201

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DATE: March 24th, 2018

TIME: Food Vending times:

Load in: Saturday, March 24th, from 10 am to 1 pm
Health Inspection: Saturday, March 24th, from 1 pm to 2 pm
Gates: Saturday, March 24th, from 4 pm to 11 pm.

LOCATION: Cotton Ave & Poplar Street, Macon, GA

ADMISSION: $20 advanced, $25 day of the Event

PRODUCED BY: The International Cherry Blossom Festival

Food Vending CONTACT: Premier Events
E-mail: Rob@premiereventslive.com

*Festival details are subject to change. Macon Cherry Blossom Festival Street Party is a RAIN OR SHINE event.

All vendors of the Street Party must adhere to the following rules and regulations. Premier Events (PE) has the full power to interpret and enforce these rules, conditions and regulations, and the power to make reasonable amendments there to and to make such further reasonable rules and regulations necessary for the proper conduct of a safe, clean, well-regulated, and attractive Event.

More than 10,000 patrons are anticipated to attend the 2017 event but the event cannot guarantee or warrant this attendance at the event.

Food Vending FEES
10X10 space $450.00
10x20 space $550.00
Food Truck $400.00
Push Cart or single item $175
Vendors are expected to furnish their own tent, tables, chairs and all décor and supplies.

Vendors must furnish completed application, total fees due, description of product or service to be featured as well as details photos of booth area to reserve their participation in the 2017 event. PE reserves the right to refuse vending space to anyone for any reason

Vending HOURS
The event vending area will be open to the general public on Saturday from 4 PM – 11 PM. Vendors must be set up and remain open during all event hours but must stop promptly at 11 pm.

Vendors are responsible for maintaining acceptable standards of sanitation within their booths and for disposing of trash into designated trash receptacles. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their designated area of all debris at the event’s conclusion.

Vendor SALES
Vendors will conduct sales of products or goods direct with the event consumers and shall be entitled to retain 100% of the proceeds from these transactions. Vendors must furnish their own cash bank and credit card processing if they wish to take credit cards.

If vendor notifies PE in writing of their intent to cancel through March 13th, Exhibitor shall be entitled to receive a 50% refund of their Exhibitor fee. If PE receives notice after March 13th no refund will be issued.

There is no power readily available on this event site. Vendors will provide your own generator power for the duration of the event.

HEALTH DEPT: You are responsible for contacting the Macon-Bibb Health Department directly once accepted. We will send you the application to fill out and send to:

Macon Health Department: Macon-Bibb County Health Department 171 Emery Highway, Macon, Georgia, 31217 Attn: Donna (478) 749-0106.

Please don/ t contact the Health Dept. until we have accepted you and sent you the application.

PE will make vendor location assignments approximately two (2) weeks prior to the event. Space assignment priority will be given based upon date of receipt of completed application and payment as well as type of art or product/service. If you have a special request for your booth location, please list it on this form and we will make best efforts to accommodate your request.

PE reserves the right to make modifications to the layout of the vending area if circumstances warrant, at its sole discretion.

Vending area must be confined to the space contracted and provided. Vendor space must not obstruct other exhibits or walk paths.

Vendor load in and set up will take place Saturday between 10 am and 1 pm. Load out will take place after 11:30 pm and all patrons have safely exited the site. Vendors that fail to abide by load in schedule and deadline may risk forfeiture of event space. In the event of late shows, event will not be obligated to refund event space fee.

The vendor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and save PE against any and all claims, losses and damages to persons or property and attorney’s fees arising out of or caused by Vendor/ s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of vending space. In addition, the vendor acknowledges that PE and Macon Cherry Blossom Festival do not maintain insurance coverage covering Vendor’s property and it is sole responsibility of the Vendor to obtain such insurance, including, if desired business interruption and property damage covering losses by the Vendor. Responsibility of the security of a vendor/ s area, products and property rests solely with the Vendor.

Macon Cherry Blossom Festival Street Party is a rain or shine event. The Vendor agrees that in the event of acts of God, storms, floods, high winds, gales or hurricanes that neither PE nor any of its employees or agents shall not be responsible for loss, damage, third party damages, claims or loss to property, persons or vessels. It is the Event Management’s sole and absolute discretion to order an evacuation of the Event, or to take necessary steps to protect public health and property in the event of an act of God, hurricane, or the issuance of a severe weather warning for Macon or its environs by the National Weather Service.

PE shall have no liability whatsoever for damage, of any nature, to any person, matter, or thing resulting from storm wind or water, or other acts of God, or imminent threat thereof, nor from fire, strikes or lockouts.

For more information about the 2018 Macon Cherry Blossom Festival Street Party Food Vending, please contact: